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In the Matter of the Estate of Polak

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A parent may lose his or her right to intestate succession if the parent abandoned the decedent when he or she was a minor

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An executor lacks standing in litigation involving the estate until the will has been probated

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Notions of issue and claim preclusion are not always tightly applied in probate matters

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Except in a weak or meretricious case, courts will normally allow counsel fees to both proponent and contestant in a will dispute

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In probate actions, a party has standing to challenge the probate of a will or a lifetime transfer of assets because of undue influence, if he or she is a beneficiary, either testate or intestate

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An executor’s obligations

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Where parties enjoy a relationship in which confidence is naturally inspired or reasonably exists, the person who has gained an advantage due to that confidence has the burden of proving that no undue influence was used to gain that advantage

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When an executor or trustee commits the pernicious tort of undue influence, it should result in an award of all reasonable counsel fees and costs

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Estate attorneys who wrongfully drive up litigation costs may be held liable to the beneficiaries of the estate

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