Category: Taxes

A tax sale certificate creates a lien on the property subject to the property owner’s right of redemption

The Family Division has the power to exercise authority to effectively allocate exemptions

In the event the court formally makes findings regarding materially false income tax filings, it must formally report the findings to the appropriate authorities

In the absence of directions to the contrary, taxes shall be apportioned to transferees in proportion to the assets they received

Family courts have the power to exercise authority to effectively allocate income tax exemptions

Resident aliens may be deported for filing false tax returns

The New Jersey Transfer Inheritance Tax is levied upon the transferee, and the amount thereof depends upon the value of the property transferred and the transferee’s relationship to decedent

Insurance on the life of the decedent receivable by a beneficiary other than the executor

In distributing marital property, it is not improper for a judge to give appropriate heed to legitimate tax considerations where the most equitable disposition of property interests can thereby be best attained

Compelling parties to execute joint tax returns should be avoided because of the potential liability to which the parties would be exposed, and because there generally exists a means by which to compensate the parties for the adverse tax consequences of filing separately