Category: Real-estate

An assignee of a Mortgage and Note is chargeable with knowledge of a default as it simply moves into the shoes of the assignor

New Jersey’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act allows creditors to seek property, even after the debtor has transferred the property, if inadequate consideration is given or the transfer is made to defraud the creditor

Claims against architects and others involved in the design and construction of building projects generally accrue upon substantial completion of the project

Dismissal for lack of prosecution on foreclosure actions

The predominant measure of damages in cases involving the destruction or removal of trees and ornamental shrubs is the diminution-of-market-value measure

A title company’s liability is limited to the policy and that company is not liable in tort for negligence in searching records

Equitable subrogation seeks to compel the ultimate discharge of an obligation by the one who ought to pay it

The right of joint possession to the principal matrimonial residence

The only material issues in a foreclosure proceeding are the validity of the mortgage, the amount of the indebtedness, and the right of the mortgagee to resort to the mortgage premises

The absence of actual or constructive notice of an alleged dangerous condition is fatal to plaintiff’s claims of premises liability