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A party seeking to vacate an arbitration award bears a heavy burden in light of the strong judicial presumption in favor of the award

The Unemployment Compensation Law protects not only workers who are involuntarily unemployed but also those who voluntarily quit their jobs for good cause attributable to their work

The contingent attorney’s fee limitation on minors’ settlements

The “opening the door” doctrine is a rule of expanded relevancy and authorizes admitting evidence which otherwise would have been irrelevant or inadmissible in order to respond to (1) admissible evidence that generates an issue, or (2) inadmissible evidence admitted by the court over objection

The Open Public Records Act

A police officer’s objectively reasonable mistake of fact does not render a search or arrest unconstitutional, however, only when the police behave reasonably

Evidence is necessary to support a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

When seeking a turnover from a joint account, the judgment creditor has the burden to prove that the moneys thus deposited are the individual property of the judgment debtor, and therefore applicable to the satisfaction of the judgment

Forum non conveniens is the proper mechanism for enforcing a forum selection clause that points to a state or foreign forum

A court considering the interpretation of a forum selection clause applies principles of contract law to determine the scope of the clause