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Personal property acquired during the marriage does not automatically becomes joint property

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The laws of the place where international property is situate exclusively govern in respect to the rights of the parties, the modes of transfer, and the solemnites which should accompany them

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An action for trespass arises upon the unauthorized entry on another’s property, real or personal

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Either party to a joint account may withdraw funds from the account, and the bank has no obligation to inquire into either party’s contribution to the account or either party’s right to the funds

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A lawyer must appropriately safeguard the property of clients or third parties in his or her possession

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A family’s property interest in a deceased family member’s body is restricted and ceases upon burial

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Fees charged by Special Civil Part officers who serve warrants for possession

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The primary responsibility of a court-appointed receiver is to manage the assets of the property

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There is a presumption on death in favor of survivorship rights to the joint bank account holder unless there is clear and convincing evidence of a different intention at the time the account is created

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Animals are treated as property

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