Category: Property

The Computer Related Offenses Act

Actual seizure of certificated shares is required before a creditor may reach a debtor’s interest in those shares

Conversion is defined as an intentional exercise of dominion or control over a chattel which so seriously interferes with the right of another to control that the actor may justly be required to pay the other the full value of the chattel

Distress is a common law right of the landlord, now regulated by statute, to seize a tenant’s goods and chattels in a nonjudicial proceeding to satisfy an arrears of rent

Conversion is the wrongful exercise of dominion and control over property owned by another in a manner inconsistent with the owners’ rights

Personal property acquired during the marriage does not automatically becomes joint property

A fund deposited with the court is not an asset of the depositing party, but is a fund subject to disposition by the court

Where an asset was sold to a relative, it raises the obvious spectre that the sale was not an arms-length transaction in which the property was sold at fair market value

Generally, the measure of damages for the negligent destruction of personal property is the difference between its market value before and after the injury

The laws of the place where international property is situate exclusively govern in respect to the rights of the parties, the modes of transfer, and the solemnites which should accompany them