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A joint venture is simply a single-purpose partnership

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Oral Palimony agreements that predate the 2010 Amendment to the Statute of Frauds may be enforced

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Part performance, promissory estoppel and palimony agreements

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A defendant can be unjustly enriched by contributions from the plaintiff that are independent of homemaking services, even in the absence of a viable claim for palimony

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The mere fact that plaintiff voluntarily left the home the parties shared does not disqualify her from palimony

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Where a defendant defaults, plaintiff is required only to establish a prima facie case for palimony, meaning that in considering plaintiff’s proofs, the trial judge is not to weigh the evidence or make findings of fact but to only determine the bare sufficiency of plaintiff’s proffered evidence

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While a palimony claimant need not show complete dependency on the other party or destitution, there must be a showing of economic inequality and an inability by the party seeking palimony to live independently at a reasonable level of support

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A written promise by one party to a non-marital personal relationship to provide support or other consideration for the other party, either during the course of such relationship or after its termination, is not binding unless it was made with the independent advice of counsel for both parties

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Palimony is a claim for support between unmarried persons

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The statute of frauds was amended to include palimony agreements among the types of agreements that must be in writing and signed by the parties in order to be enforceable

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