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Determining the existence of a duty and the standard of care to be applied in a particular circumstance is a question of law to be determined by the court

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Evidence of a defendant’s previous misconduct has a unique tendency to prejudice a jury

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The Patient Safety Act and self-critical analysis

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A trial judge’s reliance on expert opinions not properly admitted into the record regarding a person’s mental health violates that person’s constitutional rights against governmental procedures that tend to operate arbitrarily

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A treating physician’s testimony may be offered to address a pivotal element of a plaintiff’s claims for disability discrimination

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The testimony of a treating physician is admissible to support a plaintiff’s disability claim

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A defendant who testified during a criminal trial could be properly cross-examined about contradictory testimony he gave during a domestic violence trial arising out of the same incident

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Other crimes evidence is considered highly prejudicial

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The “opening the door doctrine”

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A trial court’s ruling on the admissibility of evidence is reviewed on appeal for abuse of discretion

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