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A treating physician’s testimony may be offered to address a pivotal element of a plaintiff’s claims for disability discrimination

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The testimony of a treating physician is admissible to support a plaintiff’s disability claim

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A plaintiff has sixty days from the date of the defendant’s answer to file an affidavit of merit

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Cross-examination is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth

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The rules of evidence may be relaxed to admit relevant and trustworthy evidence in the interest of justice in actions within the cognizance of the Small Claims Section of the Special Civil Part

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Terms of a stipulation of settlement stated on the record

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The decision to admit or exclude expert testimony is left to the sound discretion of the trial court

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Where the parties have made a writing the sole repository of their bargain, there is the integration which precludes evidence of antecedent understandings and negotiations to vary or contradict the writing — this is in essence the parol evidence rule

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Expert testimony that a defendant possessed a controlled dangerous substance with the intent to distribute is nothing less than a pronouncement of guilt by mimicking the statutory elements of the offense

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In drug cases, an expert witness may not opine on the defendant’s state of mind

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