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Issues of expert admissibility

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Generally, all relevant evidence is admissible unless prohibited by some exclusionary rule

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The fresh-complaint doctrine

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A party may not attack one witness’s credibility through another witness’s assessment of that credibility

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At trial, a party may introduce evidence that an adverse witness is biased

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The rules of evidence may be relaxed to admit relevant and trustworthy evidence in the interest of justice in actions within the cognizance of the Small Claims Section of the Special Civil Part

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An expert report may be admitted into evidence

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The affidavit of merit

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The res ipsa loquitur doctrine creates a permissive inference, which may be accepted or rejected by a jury, that if due care had been exercised by the person having control of the instrumentality causing the injury, the mishap would not have occurred

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Documents prepared by Division staff are admissible, provided they satisfy the requirements of the business records exception [to the hearsay rule

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