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Videos and video messages held by Twitter

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Maps are admissible if properly authenticated and as public records

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When parties jointly file a stipulation of dismissal, the dismissal is generally without prejudice unless otherwise stated in the notice or stipulation

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Protocols and parameters regarding communications and submission of documents by the parties and/or counsel to a guardian ad litem or court-appointed expert

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Unavailability of a witness

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State-of-mind hearsay statements by a deceased about fear of a defendant, who later advances in his or her defense in a homicide prosecution a claim that the victim’s death was accidental, are admissible for the purpose of proving the declarant’s state of mind

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Substantial compliance with the affidavit of merit statute

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A hearsay statement made by a party-opponent will not be excluded by the hearsay rule if it constitutes a statement by the party’s agent or servant concerning a matter within the scope of the agency or employment, made during the existence of the relationship

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Analysis of a trial court’s evidentiary ruling begins with the question of relevancy

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Administrative proceedings are not governed by evidentiary rules including those adopted by the Rules of Court

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