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Ordinarily, an appellate court will dismiss as moot an appeal challenging an eviction where the tenant has been removed, and the premises have been re-rented, or the tenant has vacated the premises

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Judicial discretion is not arbitrary and unbounded

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Only the orders designated in the notice of appeal are subject to the appeal process and review

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If a respondent’s argument goes beyond the scope of the lower court’s decision, it will not be entertained on appeal unless asserted within a separate cross-appeal

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A party conceding a material fact before the trial court may not argue the contrary on appeal

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Appeals may be taken as of right from final judgments of the Superior Court trial divisions

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Judges are not like pigs, hunting for truffles buried in briefs

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Appeals from municipal court convictions

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A party is not permitted to appeal from an order that denied identical relief in a prior order that was entered outside the time for appeal

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The scope of the Appellate Division’s review of an administrative agency’s final determination

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