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The court has general discretion to impose discovery sanctions that are just and reasonable to make the non-delinquent party whole

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The child support lien

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Proper venue in a civil action

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Videos and video messages held by Twitter

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The Appellate Division overturns an agency determination only if it is arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable, unsupported by substantial credible evidence, or inconsistent with the enabling statute or legislative policy

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Omitted claims not joined in a single action, are precluded from being presenting in a subsequently filed action

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The frivolous litigation statute is narrowly construed to avoid chilling parties’ access to the courts

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Maps are admissible if properly authenticated and as public records

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Mere carelessness or lack of proper diligence on the part of an attorney is ordinarily not sufficient to entitle his clients to relief from an adverse judgment in a civil action

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Consent judgments are not appealable

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