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Preliminary injunction

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Generally, it is improper to grant summary judgment when a party’s state of mind, intent, motive or credibility is in issue

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Waiver must be done voluntarily and there must be an affirmative act that accompanies the waiver to show such intent

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Claims against architects and others involved in the design and construction of building projects generally accrue upon substantial completion of the project

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The Appellate Division’s standard of review

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Deciding whether to conduct a plenary hearing

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A judge need not withdraw from a case upon a mere suggestion that the judge is disqualified

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Dismissal of non-foreclosure actions for lack of prosecution

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Dismissal for lack of prosecution on foreclosure actions

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A party may move for a rehearing or reconsideration to alter or amend a judgment or order, stating with specificity the basis on which it is made, including a statement of the matters or controlling decisions which counsel believes the court has overlooked or as to which it has erred

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