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A treating physician’s testimony may be offered to address a pivotal element of a plaintiff’s claims for disability discrimination

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The testimony of a treating physician is admissible to support a plaintiff’s disability claim

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A defendant who testified during a criminal trial could be properly cross-examined about contradictory testimony he gave during a domestic violence trial arising out of the same incident

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The harmless error standard

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Other crimes evidence is considered highly prejudicial

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The “opening the door doctrine”

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A trial court’s ruling on the admissibility of evidence is reviewed on appeal for abuse of discretion

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A plaintiff has sixty days from the date of the defendant’s answer to file an affidavit of merit

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Lawyers who take on the responsibility to represent clients before an appellate court are expected to: (1) familiarize themselves with the record developed in the forum of origin; (2) research and analyze the competent legal authority related to the salient facts of the case; and (3) submit briefs in support of the arguments identified therein which reflect that the lawyers conducted these tasks in a diligent and professional manner

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Motion for a directed verdict

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