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Discovery deposition of expert witnesses retained by the opponent

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A proof hearing is a search for the truth

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A motion to set aside a default judgment will be granted if the failure to appear or defend was excusable under the circumstances and there is a showing of a meritorious defense

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A party may obtain a trial de novo following nonbinding arbitration if, within 30 days after filing of the arbitration award, a party thereto files with the civil division manager and serves on all other parties a notice of rejection of the award and demand for a trial de novo

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Unclean hands may exist when a party breaches its duty by engaging in acts of bad faith, fraud, or unconscionable conduct in commercial transactions

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Waiver is a voluntary act, and implies an election by the party to dispense with something of value, or to forego some advantage which he might at his option have demanded and insisted on

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Laches is an equitable doctrine that a party can raise as an affirmative defense, and that precludes relief when there exists an unexplainable and inexcusable delay in exercising a right, which results in prejudice to another party

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If necessary, the court of equity has the power appoint an attorney-in-fact to execute settlement documents on behalf of one of the settling parties

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A motion for reconsideration is an improper application when a party seeks to vacate a settlement

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Foreign judgments

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