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Sale of a Structured Settlement

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Dismissal of a complaint for failure to provide discovery

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It is evidence that must be relied upon to establish a genuine issue of fact

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With regard to the enforcement of a Property Settlement Agreement, Rule 1:10-3 provides a mechanism, coercive in nature, to afford relief to a litigant who has not received what a Court Order or Judgment entitles that litigant to receive

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The rules are intended to promote the fair and efficient disposition of disputes on their merits; they are not a trap for the unwary or the careless, nor do they serve the interests of justice when used to inflict harm when life’s unforeseen vagaries arise and prevent compliance

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A plaintiff’s failure to comply with the applicable notice requirements for entry of a default judgment support a finding of excusable neglect

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Motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim

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An appeal as of right may be taken to the Appellate Division only from a final judgment

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No foreign corporation transacting intrastate business in N.J. without a certificate of authority shall maintain any action or proceeding in any court of N.J., until such corporation shall have obtained a certificate of authority

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Frivolous Litigation

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