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New Jersey courts generally require that a constructive trust be established by clear and convincing evidence

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Courts of equity have the inherent power in a proper case to appoint a receiver for a corporation on the ground of gross or fraudulent mismanagement by corporate officers or gross abuse of trust or general dereliction of duty

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A party may request an amendment of the pleadings and pretrial order as may be necessary to cause them to conform to the evidence

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The sufficiency of evidence offered in support of the authentication of evidence

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The `opening the door’ doctrine

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A defendant should not be precluded from offering such rebuttal proofs as he might choose that are responsive and admissible

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When applicable, the law of the case doctrine prohibits a second judge on the same level, in the absence of additional developments or proofs, from differing with an earlier ruling

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Personal jurisdiction over a foreign corporation

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An offer of judgment is intended to encourage settlement and avoid litigation

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The frivolous litigation statute must be interpreted strictly

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