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A condominium association has standing to pursue Consumer Fraud Act and common law fraud claims premised on common-element defects

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Fraud in the sale of securities or equity interests falls beyond the purview of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

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Common law fraud

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Cause of action for fraud

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The Consumer Fraud Act requires the proof of three elements: an unlawful conduct by defendant; an ascertainable loss by plaintiff; and a causal relationship between the unlawful conduct and the ascertainable loss

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The Truth in Consumer Contract Warranty and Notice Act

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A Consumer Fraud Act claim

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The Consumer Fraud Act does not apply to individual homeowners who sell real estate in the normal course of personal business

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The Consumer Fraud Act was enacted to provide a remedy against those who provide false, misleading, or deceptive information to a prospective purchaser

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Unlike a statutory consumer fraud claim that requires only proof of a causal nexus between the concealment of material fact and the loss, a claim based on common law fraud requires proof of reliance

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