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The consumer fraud statute is aimed at promoting truth and fair dealing in the market place

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Remedies available to a defrauded creditor

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A claim of legal fraud

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Negligent misrepresentation is an incorrect statement, negligently made and justifiably relied upon

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A seller of real property has an affirmative duty to disclose to the buyer any known latent defective conditions that are material to the transaction

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A misrepresentation amounting to actual legal fraud consists of a material representation of a presently existing or past fact, made with knowledge of its falsity and with the intention that the other party rely thereon, resulting in reliance by that party to his detriment

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Fraudulent concealment on the part of a seller in a real estate action

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The elements of fraud in the inducement

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Fee awards have been ordered when incurred as damages sustained by a party forced into litigation with another as a result of fraud, and for third-party litigation arising because of a party’s breach of contract

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Motion to set aside a marital settlement agreement

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