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If child support and alimony are being determined simultaneously, the court should set the alimony first and include that amount in the recipient’s gross income before applying the child support guidelines

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Where parties agree that cohabitation alone will trigger a suspension of alimony, the court need not delve into the economic benefits received by the supported spouse

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Generally, a family court’s post-judgment modification of a support decree is a final judgment for purposes of appeal

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A court order which limits the amount of contact and exposure which a divorcing parent may permit a child to have with the parent’s new girlfriend or boyfriend

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Support orders, including those addressing the care, custody, education and maintenance of the children define only the present obligations of the former spouses; those duties are always subject to review and modification on a showing of changed circumstances

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Parties may include an “anti-Lepis” provision in their settlement agreement in an attempt to bar future modifications of their arrangement

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Alimony – all thirteen factors must be considered and given due weight, and the duration of marriage is only one factor to be considered

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Alimony is awarded to give a financially dependent spouse a level of support and standard of living generally commensurate with the quality of economic life that existed during the marriage

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A finding that the parties intended their matrimonial settlement agreement not be subject to modification for changed circumstances does not end the inquiry; a judge has both the power and duty to establish a reasonable level of current payment based upon defendant’s income, assets, and reasonable resort to credit

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It is strictly a discretionary matter for the court to determine and delineate the extent of defendant’s participation in the default proceeding

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