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With regard to the enforcement of a Property Settlement Agreement, Rule 1:10-3 provides a mechanism, coercive in nature, to afford relief to a litigant who has not received what a Court Order or Judgment entitles that litigant to receive

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The party alleging dissipation of marital assets has the burden of proof on the issue

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A non-owning spouse may be eligible for a share of the mortgage paydown during the marriage on an otherwise exempt, premarital property

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Personal property acquired during the marriage does not automatically becomes joint property

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Where an innocent bank granted a mortgage on realty based on the husband’s forgery of the wife’s signature, the bank’s claim would not be defeated by a subsequent transfer of the realty to the wife as equitable distribution in a divorce proceeding

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An executor lacks standing in litigation involving the estate until the will has been probated

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Property subject to equitable distribution includes property that was obtained during the marriage due to efforts by either spouse

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The portion of a pension legally or beneficially acquired by either party during marital coverture is subject to equitable distribution

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If child support and alimony are being determined simultaneously, the court should set the alimony first and include that amount in the recipient’s gross income before applying the child support guidelines

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The court may impose a constructive trust upon life insurance policy proceeds by reforming the policy to enforce the term of the a judgment of divorce

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