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Where parties agree that cohabitation alone will trigger a suspension of alimony, the court need not delve into the economic benefits received by the supported spouse

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Alimony – all thirteen factors must be considered and given due weight, and the duration of marriage is only one factor to be considered

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It is strictly a discretionary matter for the court to determine and delineate the extent of defendant’s participation in the default proceeding

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Settlement of litigation ranks high in the pantheon of public policy

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Same-sex couples can legally dissolve their civil unions based upon irreconcilable differences

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Modification of alimony obligations

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Whether an alimony obligation should be modified based upon a claim of changed circumstances rests within a Family Part judge’s sound discretion

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A judgment by default is not favored in divorce suits

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Motions concerning support obligations must be accompanied by both prior and current CISs

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Changed circumstances based on a reduction in income

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