Category: Death

A child may bring an action against a parent, while the parent is still alive, to enforce an oral promise to leave assets to him or her upon the parent’s death

Consumers be given a written statement of the full costs of the arrangements desired before entering into any contract with the funeral director

Disinterment or disposition of human remains

Disinterment is generally disfavored absent a showing of good cause and urgent necessity

At the death of a tenant by the entirety, title passes to the surviving spouse outside of probate by operation of law

If warranted by the evidence, a court may impose a constructive trust and apply principles of quasi-contract to prevent unjust enrichment where equitable distribution becomes unavailable due to the death of one spouse prior to entry of a judgment of divorce

The Family Part has the authority to enforce its own orders in favor of or against the estate of a deceased litigant affected by the order

Child support debt owed to a custodial parent at the time of that parent’s death

A family’s property interest in a deceased family member’s body is restricted and ceases upon burial

IRAs are governed by the Uniform Transfer on Death Security Registration Act