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Videos and video messages held by Twitter

When a criminal defendant is found competent to stand trial, he or she has the autonomy to make strategic decisions at trial, with the advice of counsel, including whether to assert the insanity defense

The discovery rules governing the municipal court and the Criminal Part of the Law Division are nearly identical

State-of-mind hearsay statements by a deceased about fear of a defendant, who later advances in his or her defense in a homicide prosecution a claim that the victim’s death was accidental, are admissible for the purpose of proving the declarant’s state of mind

Unreasonable police searches and seizures

An ineffective assistance of counsel claim

Masha’s Law provides a civil right of action in federal district court to victims of sexual exploitation of a child and various child pornography offenses

Internet registry for certain sexual offenders

A defendant commits an act of burglary if he gains access to his victim’s residence by deception for the purpose of committing a crime

The introduction of evidence of a victim’s prior sexual conduct is governed by New Jersey’s Rape Shield Law