Category: Unjust enrichment

Caim for unjust enrichment

Quantum meruit is a form of quasi-contractual recovery and rests on the equitable principle that a person shall not be allowed to enrich himself unjustly at the expense of another

Unjust enrichment is a remedy that may be imposed when there is no express contract providing for remuneration

A claim for unjust enrichment

A claim of unjust enrichment

If a contract exists between the parties, unjust enrichment is inapplicable

Unjust enrichment is not an independent theory of liability, but is the basis for a claim of quasi-contractual liability

Unjust enrichment

A plaintiff has to show it expected compensation from the person sued

To establish unjust enrichment, the proponent must show both that a benefit was bestowed, and that retention of that benefit without payment would be unjust