Category: Quantum meruit

Quantum meruit is a form of quasi-contractual recovery and rests on the equitable principle that a person shall not be allowed to enrich himself unjustly at the expense of another

Fact-finding is important in determining quantum meruit recovery of discharged lawyers

A quantum meruit claim

A plaintiff has to show it expected compensation from the person sued

To establish unjust enrichment, the proponent must show both that a benefit was bestowed, and that retention of that benefit without payment would be unjust

The equitable doctrine of quantum meruit literally means as much as is deserved

A claim for quantum meruit

Where an attorney seeks recovery from a client on the basis of quantum meruit, the crucial factor in determining the amount of recovery is the contribution which the lawyer made to advancing the client’s cause

An attorney hired on a contingent fee basis and later discharged before completion of the services is not entitled to recover fees on the basis of such contingent agreement; instead, he or she may be entitled to recover on a quantum meruit basis for the reasonable value of the services rendered

Contracts implied by law, or quasi-contracts