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Forum selection clauses are prima facie valid and enforceable in New Jersey

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The duty of good faith and fair dealing does not alter the terms of a written agreement

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A general release, not restricted by its terms to particular claims or demands, ordinarily covers all claims and demands

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To collect on a revolving credit card debt

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When there is a breach of a material term of an agreement, the non-breaching party is relieved of its obligations under the agreement

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Unjust enrichment

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Courts apply contract principles to ascertain a matrimonial settlement agreement’s meaning

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The law does not concern itself with trifles

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A tort remedy does not arise from a contractual relationship unless the breaching party owes an independent duty imposed by law

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To establish a breach of contract claim, a plaintiff has the burden to show that the parties entered into a valid contract, that the defendant failed to perform his obligations under the contract and that the plaintiff sustained damages as a result

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