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A claim for quantum meruit

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Restrictive covenants

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Contract terms compelling arbitration posted on a website

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An agreement so deficient in the specification of its essential terms that the performance by each party cannot be ascertained with reasonable certainty is not a contract

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In the absence of a contract, there is no implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing

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While there are circumstances wherein a party to a contract may breach an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing even when it exercises an unconditional contractual right to terminate, there must be bad faith conduct by the terminating party for liability to attach

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An otherwise enforceable contract may be invalidated on the ground that it was entered into under economic duress

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The polestar of contract construction is to discover the intention of the parties

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In order for a contract to form there must be a meeting of the minds, as evidenced by each side’s express agreement to every term of the contract

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In general, contracts are enforceable only if they are supported by consideration

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