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The Parentage Act contains a limitations period that bars an action brought more than 5 years after the child attains the age of majority

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In a parentage action, that presumption of paternity can only be overcome by clear and convincing evidence

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The New Jersey Legislature has recognized that biology is not always controlling in the area of parentage and has created statutory exceptions to the presumption that the biological father has parental rights in the area of artificial insemination

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The New Jersey Parentage Act states that a natural mother, among others, may bring an action at any time for the purpose of determining the existence of the parent and child relationship

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An infertile man is the father of a child born to his artificially inseminated wife; however, the infertile wife is not the legal mother of her husband’s biological child born to a gestational carrier

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If a party to a paternity action requests genetic testing and submits a sworn statement establishing a reasonable possibility that he is or is not the father of a child, then the court must order a genetic test unless the party opposed to such testing presents good cause for not ordering the test

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A paternity test negating paternity does not automatically result in a court order of non-parentage

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In addition to paternity testing, fatherhood may be demonstrated through a psychological relationship

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A natural mother may file an action to determine paternity at any time until five years after the child reaches the age of majority

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Two parties CANNOT enter into a private contract regarding a self-administered artificial insemination procedure whereby one party seeks to terminate that party’s parental rights

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