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A psychological parent cannot be compelled under New Jersey Law to contribute child support

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The court rules mandate that the court apply the child support guidelines when contemplating child support, but may modify the child support calculus where good cause is shown

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Even though there is no statutory requirement imposing a duty of support on a stepparent for his or her spouse’s children from a previous marriage, courts have held that a stepparent’s duty to pay child support beyond dissolution of marriage can be enforced by applying equitable estoppel

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A motion to dismiss a Family Part complaint on the ground that it fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted

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Parents who are financially capable should contribute to the higher education of children who are qualified students

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No payment or installment of an order for child support, or those portions of an order which are allocated for child support shall be retroactively modified by the court except with respect to the period during which there is a pending application for modification, but only from the date the notice of motion was mailed either directly or through the appropriate agent

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Child support orders set only present obligations and are subject to modification at any time if there is a change in circumstances, even if negotiated and agreed to by the parties

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A Family Part judge has the authority to determine that the child’s best interests are served by his continued placement with a relative not licensed as a resource family parent; however, a Family Part judge does not have the authority to compel the Division of Child Protection and Permanency to pay financial assistance to a relative not licensed as a resource family parent

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Child support can include attorney’s fees where they are related to the support and maintenance of a child

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Before imputing income, a judge must first find that the spouse was voluntarily underemployed or unemployed without just cause

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