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Parties that have entered into a property settlement agreement may still move to modify child support if they demonstrate changed circumstances

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If child support and alimony are being determined simultaneously, the court should set the alimony first and include that amount in the recipient’s gross income before applying the child support guidelines

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The court may impose a constructive trust upon life insurance policy proceeds by reforming the policy to enforce the term of the a judgment of divorce

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Arbitration proceedings dealing with issues arising from the dissolution of a marital relationship, where the welfare of children are at stake, are always subject to the Court’s parens patriae supervision

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A person on active duty with the military and enrolled in a service academy is emancipated from his or her parents for purposes of child support and college expenses

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Support orders, including those addressing the care, custody, education and maintenance of the children define only the present obligations of the former spouses; those duties are always subject to review and modification on a showing of changed circumstances

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The propriety of a child support credit for Social Security Disability benefits paid to a child depends upon the equities of the case

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To be entitled to a hearing on whether a previously-approved support award should be modified, the party moving for the modification bears the burden of making a prima facie showing of changed circumstances

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Calculating support for a child

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Child-care expenses are added to child support awards as an additional cost related to caring for the children

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