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In awarding counsel fees, the court must consider whether the party requesting the fees is in financial need; whether the party against whom the fees are sought has the ability to pay; the good or bad faith of either party in pursuing or defending the action; the nature and extent of the services rendered; and the reasonableness of the fees

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Our court rules require the referral to mediation of all genuine and substantial issues regarding custody of children or parenting time issues

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Settlement agreements in family matters are contracts, and should be enforced according to the original intent of the parties, to the extent that they are just and equitable

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Absent exigent circumstances, changes in custody should not be ordered without a full plenary hearing

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A child has an interest in a prompt determination of custody and parenting time disputes

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Calculating the amount of a fee award

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Determining what custodial arrangement is in the best interest of a child

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An application for removal requires an initial inquiry into the type of parenting arrangement between the parties and whether the matter is actually an application for a change in custody as opposed to a removal case

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Modification and enforcement of child support orders; and the doctrine of forum non conveniens

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There is no mechanical presumption that either the father or the mother is entitled to custody at a fixed age

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