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A child’s attendance in postsecondary education may be a basis to delay emancipation and continue support

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The child support lien

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In determining custody, the court shall consider the preference of the child when of sufficient age and capacity to reason so as to form an intelligent decision

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Parents who attend organized youth sporting events have an inherent obligation and responsibility to act in a manner which is consistent with the goals of developing respect, tolerance, camaraderie, and discipline in children

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A parenting schedule between divorced parents must reasonably consider a child’s best interests, including educational interests, and must account for each party’s responsibility to dutifully oversee their child’s academic obligations and schedule

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Protocols and parameters regarding communications and submission of documents by the parties and/or counsel to a guardian ad litem or court-appointed expert

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A court may enter any custody arrangement as the court may determine to be in the best interests of the child

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Even if a court finds that a child is gifted, a stipend of additional earmarked funds to support of a child’s development of such giftedness must be economically reasonable, with significant deference to each parent’s financial situation and actual ability to pay

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Uncovered medical costs for the child or children of divorced parents

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When parties have multiple children covered under an unallocated child support order, and a child becomes emancipated, such emancipation is a change of circumstance

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