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Uncovered medical costs for the child or children of divorced parents

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When parties have multiple children covered under an unallocated child support order, and a child becomes emancipated, such emancipation is a change of circumstance

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Masha’s Law provides a civil right of action in federal district court to victims of sexual exploitation of a child and various child pornography offenses

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Reaching the age of eighteen merely creates the presumption a child is emancipated

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When a child seeks special immigrant juvenile status

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Fees can be awarded or denied to any party in a matrimonial case whether or not they prevail

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Child support belongs to the child and cannot be waived by the parents, and an obligation to support a parent’s child cannot be evaded by a property settlement agreement

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The trial court has substantial discretion in making a child support award

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The court may enter a retroactive date of an initial support order

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Courts cannot take judicial notice of the fact that domestic violence begets emotional distress or other psychic injury in child witnesses

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