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A psychological parent cannot be compelled under New Jersey Law to contribute child support

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The court rules mandate that the court apply the child support guidelines when contemplating child support, but may modify the child support calculus where good cause is shown

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Even though there is no statutory requirement imposing a duty of support on a stepparent for his or her spouse’s children from a previous marriage, courts have held that a stepparent’s duty to pay child support beyond dissolution of marriage can be enforced by applying equitable estoppel

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Although the best interests of the child standard is used for various family law determinations involving the child’s well-being, it is not a factor in defining parenthood under the Parentage Act

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Simply because a child bears a person’s last name holds no weight in the determination of legal parentage

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A trial court does not have the jurisdiction to create a new recognition of legal parentage other than that which already exists — genetic contribution, adoption, or gestational primacy

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Visitation for a non-custodial parent should not be limited unless said parent is deemed unfit

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In determining whether the parties truly share joint physical custody, although the division of the child’s time with each parent is a critical factor, the time each parent spends with the child must be analyzed in the context of each parent’s responsibility for the custodial functions and duties normally reposed in a primary caretaker

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When joint custody is likely to foster the best interests of the child in the proper case, it is a suitable alternative to sole custody in family law actions

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Custody issues are resolved using a best interests analysis

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