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Attorney fees in multi-attorney client-representation disputes

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Whether an attorney owes a duty to a non-client third party depends on balancing the attorney’s duty to represent clients vigorously, with the duty not to provide misleading information on which third parties foreseeably will rely

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Agreements made by attorneys when acting within the scope of their authority are enforceable against their clients

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A civil party may name a specific attorney as the party’s designated trial counsel

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A defendant’s claim of ineffective assistance of counsel does not apply to a civil proceeding under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act

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Requests for adjournment to substitute counsel are subject to the trial court’s discretion

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The ethical duty to address a potential conflict by seeking leave from the court to withdraw from the case

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Negotiations of an attorney are not binding on the client unless the client has expressly authorized the settlement or the client’s voluntary act has placed the attorney in a situation wherein a person of ordinary prudence would be justified in presuming that the attorney had authority to enter into a settlement, not just negotiations, on behalf of the client

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Advocacy is the art of persuasion

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A New Jersey attorney who is disciplined as an attorney or otherwise in connection with the practice of law in another jurisdiction, must promptly inform the Director of the Office of Attorney Ethics of the discipline imposed

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