Category: Attorney-client-relationship

In New Jersey, paralegals must perform their work under the supervision of attorneys who assume direct responsibility for the work that the paralegals perform

Where a law-firm LLP has entered the windup period and has ceased to provide any legal services, the windup period does not constitute practicing law and therefore no acts of malpractice could be committed during this period

An attorney who knowingly misappropriates funds from a client is subject to disbarment

The OAE may investigate a grievance after a DEC secretary has declined to docket the matter

Agreements made by attorneys when acting within the scope of their authority are enforceable against their clients

The Rules of Professional Conduct were intended to regulate lawyer conduct through the disciplinary process, not to serve as a basis for civil liability

A lawyer may not employ a non-lawyer assistant to advise clients with respect to their legal rights

Representation is inherently an aware, consensual relationship founded upon the lawyer affirmatively accepting a professional responsibility

The elements of a cause of action for legal malpractice

Plaintiffs in malpractice cases are required to make a threshold showing that their claim is meritorious