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Plaintiffs in malpractice cases are required to make a threshold showing that their claim is meritorious

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There is a long-standing reluctance in permitting a non-client to sue an adversary’s attorney

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When the advice-of-counsel defense is asserted, the party seeking relief may then pursue a cause of action against the attorney claimed to have been the source of that advice

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A negligent attorney who commits malpractice is responsible for the reasonable legal expenses and attorney fees incurred by a former client in prosecuting the legal malpractice action

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Claim for legal malpractice

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Attorneys are generally not subject to their clients’ actual control or direction

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Motion to disqualify an attorney

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Allegations of conflict of interest and appearance of impropriety arising from counsel’s representation of current and former clients

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As the population ages, and more people suffer health problems, it is not uncommon for family members to seek the appointment of a guardian to oversee the finances of an incapacitated loved one

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Clients are entitled to get unvarnished, unbiased, independent advice from their attorneys

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