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Even if a court finds that a child is gifted, a stipend of additional earmarked funds to support of a child’s development of such giftedness must be economically reasonable, with significant deference to each parent’s financial situation and actual ability to pay

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A material breach by either party to a bilateral contract excuses the other party from rendering any further contractual performance

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The Consumer Fraud Act is intended to protect consumers who purchase goods or services generally sold to the public at large

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Courts should not render advisory opinions or exercise jurisdiction in the abstract

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When a deed is delivered by the grantor to a stranger, to be delivered to the grantee on the performance of some condition, it is considered an escrow

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A court may reduce an alimony obligation when the obligor loses his or her prior W-2 employment, and thereafter makes reasonable attempts to find substitute employment

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Suit to enforce a guarantee

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A Spill Act claim and the defense of laches

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Civil conspiracy

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A claim for tortious interference

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