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A treating physician’s testimony may be offered to address a pivotal element of a plaintiff’s claims for disability discrimination

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The testimony of a treating physician is admissible to support a plaintiff’s disability claim

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A plaintiff has sixty days from the date of the defendant’s answer to file an affidavit of merit

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Attorneys can be held liable for counsel fees if, as trustees and escrow agents, they intentionally breached their fiduciary obligation.

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Lawyers who take on the responsibility to represent clients before an appellate court are expected to: (1) familiarize themselves with the record developed in the forum of origin; (2) research and analyze the competent legal authority related to the salient facts of the case; and (3) submit briefs in support of the arguments identified therein which reflect that the lawyers conducted these tasks in a diligent and professional manner

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Motion for a directed verdict

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An individual who leaves work to accept other work is deemed to have left work voluntarily without good cause attributable to the work

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Claims for damages against public entities must be filed within ninety days of their accrual

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A condominium association has standing to pursue Consumer Fraud Act and common law fraud claims premised on common-element defects

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Only a condominium association has standing to pursue claims predicated on common-element damages

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