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A court is authorized to relieve a party from a final judgment

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A plaintiff may be granted a judgment by default upon application to the court where a default has been properly entered against a defendant

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A defendant commits an act of burglary if he gains access to his victim’s residence by deception for the purpose of committing a crime

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The introduction of evidence of a victim’s prior sexual conduct is governed by New Jersey’s Rape Shield Law

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Determining the existence of a duty and the standard of care to be applied in a particular circumstance is a question of law to be determined by the court

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Public entities are immune from liability unless they are declared to be liable by law

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A party may not obtain reconsideration on the basis of information that he or she could have provided earlier, but overlooked

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A support order is always subject to review and modification on a showing of changed circumstances

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The “law-of-the-case” doctrine is a non-binding rule intended to prevent re-litigation of a previously resolved issue

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The parties are bound by the contracts they make for themselves, with the understanding that a meeting of the minds is an essential element to the valid consummation of any agreement

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