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Sometimes, courts will disregard the corporation as the alter ego of its shareholders, officers, or owners

An assignee of a Mortgage and Note is chargeable with knowledge of a default as it simply moves into the shoes of the assignor

Once a corporation becomes insolvent, a director or officer assumes fiduciary or quasi-trust duty to the corporation’s creditors

Caim for unjust enrichment

Claim for breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing

Claim for breach of contract

New Jersey’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act allows creditors to seek property, even after the debtor has transferred the property, if inadequate consideration is given or the transfer is made to defraud the creditor

Claim for common law fraud

Motions to dismiss should be granted in only the rarest of instances

An agreement to arbitrate must be the product of mutual assent, as determined under customary principles of contract law