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The concept of “standing” refers to a party’s entitlement to maintain an action before the court

A court must dismiss the plaintiff’s complaint if it has failed to articulate a legal basis entitling plaintiff to relief

Where a defendant challenges an action for lack of personal jurisdiction, the plaintiff bears the burden of demonstrating that the defendant’s contacts with the forum state are sufficient to confer personal jurisdiction on the court

In order to impute the contacts of the subsidiary to the parent corporation, one must show more than mere ownership

An inter vivos gift requires three elements: (i) an unequivocal donative intent on the part of the donor, (ii) an actual or symbolical delivery of the subject matter of the gift, and (iii) an absolute and irrevocable relinquishment by the donor of ownership and dominion over the subject matter of the gift

It is ordinarily improper to grant summary judgment when a party’s state of mind, intent, motive or credibility is in issue

The Multi-Party Deposit Act: a right of survivorship attaches to a joint bank account

In a will contest predicated on undue influence, the burden of proving undue influence rests upon the contestant unless (i) the will benefits one who stood in a confidential relationship with the decedent, and (ii) there are additional suspicious circumstances

Where a confidential relationship is shown, the donee has the burden of showing by clear and convincing evidence not only that ‘no deception was practiced therein, no undue influence was used, and that all was fair, open and voluntary, but that it was well understood

The Open Public Records Act