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On a disputed motion to enforce a settlement, as on a motion for summary judgment, a hearing is to be held to establish the facts unless the available competent evidence, considered in a light most favorable to the non-moving party, is insufficient to permit the judge, as a rationale factfinder, to resolve the disputed factual issues in favor of the non-moving party

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When a party in possession of the former marital home fails to refinance the mortgage so as to remove the ex-spouse’s name from the mortgage note, in violation of court order, the court may grant equitable relief

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Agreements made by attorneys when acting within the scope of their authority are enforceable against their clients

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With regard to the enforcement of a Property Settlement Agreement, Rule 1:10-3 provides a mechanism, coercive in nature, to afford relief to a litigant who has not received what a Court Order or Judgment entitles that litigant to receive

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Parties that have entered into a property settlement agreement may still move to modify child support if they demonstrate changed circumstances

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It is the proponent’s of the contract burden to establish that there was mutual assent to the essential terms of the settlement agreement

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A settlement agreement is a contract

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A court order which limits the amount of contact and exposure which a divorcing parent may permit a child to have with the parent’s new girlfriend or boyfriend

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Support orders, including those addressing the care, custody, education and maintenance of the children define only the present obligations of the former spouses; those duties are always subject to review and modification on a showing of changed circumstances

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Parties may include an “anti-Lepis” provision in their settlement agreement in an attempt to bar future modifications of their arrangement

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