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Settlement agreements in family matters are contracts, and should be enforced according to the original intent of the parties, to the extent that they are just and equitable

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Terms of a stipulation of settlement stated on the record

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A disputed motion to enforce a settlement agreement is governed by the same standard as a motion for summary judgment

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A custodial parent’s request for relocation

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Agreements made by attorneys when acting within the scope of their authority are enforceable against their clients

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The new alimony act shall not be construed either to modify the duration of alimony ordered or agreed upon that has been incorporated into any enforceable agreement between the parties

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Unless there is an agreement to the essential terms by the parties, there is no settlement

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New Jersey embraces the resolution of marital controversies through property settlement agreements

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Litigants have a duty to advise the court as expeditiously as possible of the potential settlement of a case

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Where no formal order or judgment was entered memorializing a settlement, the settlement agreement is governed by contract principles, in effect, seeking to enter judgment by enforcing the terms of the settlement agreement

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